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The Art of Partnership

Couples Coaching

Offering couples counseling, advice, tips, conflict resolution and group therapy.

Success Is Like Baking A Cake

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Our 16 year partnership began in high school in 2005. We got married in 2015; empty pockets and full hearts. Rock bottom for us was living in a motorhome with a diet of only dry cereal and wild dandelions. Jobless, hungry and full of self doubt, we asked ourselves "Is this our story? Don’t we deserve more?"

We are all telling ourselves a story about our lives, and that day our story changed. We decided the importance of our dreams outweighed that of our fears. We wanted to see "Hard-Luck Love Story" change to "Building An Empire." We went from homeless to owning our own vegan restaurant. Through our AOP program we teach couples how to survive situations up to, and beyond, homelessness together.

We learned, through hardwork, dedication, patience and empowerment, we can achieve any and every goal as a team. We learned how to work together for faster and more efficient results. We learned that success is really project management and making the small steps towards the goal. Now it's our mission to shine our light on those steps so that others can see the path we had to navigate in the dark.